About Tommo's Christmas

Supporting the lonely and vulnerable at Christmas for over 15 years

Photo from Richard Vaughan

Tommo, Judy and Shane

Tommo's Christmas was started 15 years ago by Shane - Tommo’s son - & Judy - his wife, with Tommo doing the cooking. The very first Christmas meal was given in Downham Fellowship Church at Grove Park on Christmas Day.

By the 3rd year and in their stride, the trio decided to add a Boxing Day meal to the calendar, and by the fourth they had added a New Year's Day bash.

Judy sadly passed away in 2013 but in memory, Tommo has kept the charitable work going with the support of his partner Jan. Tommo’s son Shane is unable to participate further due to illness but remains a strong supporter and stakeholder in our community Enterprise.

Our Partners and Donators

We fundraise throughout the year to pay for the 3 days of festivities on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Fundraising is done with boot fairs (donations for this are always welcome *hint* hint*) and we have two large fetes per year which always feature a fantastic turnout.

We have also received generous donations from the Downham and Whitefoot Assemblies and Kings Church without whose help we would not be able to put on our events.

We believe that small gestures make a big difference, so if you think you can help in any way, please don't hesitate to email, call or message one of Tommo's team.